Florian Schrofner

Hi, it’s me

My name is Florian Schrofner, I’m an Android developer from the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria.
Currently I craft wonderful apps at LOOP for clients like ADAC or MyClubs.
I specialized on Google’s operating system as I appreciate its openness and flexibility, although both of which can sometimes cause a headache during development
For mainly the same reasons I’m a longtime Linux user as well, my distribution of choice being Manjaro as I became too lazy to setup Arch Linux from scratch every time.

Aside from coding and tinkering, I also enjoy doing sports, most importantly cycling, but you can find me in the gym too from time to time or spot me going for a run around the neighbourhood.
Occasionally I like listening to music while doing so, but I definitely need it while working. Alas, describing my music taste would be too tricky, so better check out my Last.fm profile linked below yourself.
Additionally, I recently started to excessively listen to podcasts, I found it to be a nice way to get some entertainment without straining my eyes even more after a full day’s work in front of the screen.
Anyway, in case my eyes can still take it, I also like to watch some interesting movies once in a while, you can check out my Mubi profile here (as soon as Font Awesome adds a Mubi icon I will move it to the other social links below )

Speaking of social networks, here are some links to the ones I’ve signed up for. Also find a link to my blog in the upper right corner
In case you just want to drop me a good old fashioned mail, you can reach me .



11.2018 - now
Android Developer
LOOP New Media [Salzburg, Austria]

10.2017 - 10.2018
Software Developer & Technology Manager
SPAR ICS [Salzburg, Austria]

07.2016 - 10.2016
Android Developer Intern
LOOP New Media [Salzburg, Austria]

02.2015 - 07.2015
Android Developer Intern
LOOP New Media [New York City, USA]

06.2014 - 08.2014
Android Developer Intern
LOOP New Media [Salzburg, Austria]


Master of Science in Engineering
Autonomous Forensic Security Analysis Framework for Android APKs
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Hagenberg, Austria]

Bachelor of Science in Engineering
Energy Efficient Geofencing
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Hagenberg, Austria]

About the site

This is already the second version of my website and like the version before it was built with love and a cherry-picked selection of open source tools
Although, this time I exchanged some of the tools just to try something new.
I decided to build the site using the popular Hugo to keep the code cleaner and to use Sass conveniently, although a simple static HTML page would have done a good job as well.
Responsiveness is done using the flex grid of Picnic CSS, which was also responsible for the blog button in the upper right corner. I love its simplicity!
The main font I’m using is called Fira Sans from Mozilla. The font I’m using for my name is called Learning Curve, while the icons I used for my social links come from Font Awesome. After trying the system’s emojis first, I decided to force the same emojis on all platforms by using Emoji CSS.
The page is hosted in the Netherlands on a Debian server from Liteserver running Freedombox, which gives me the power to host a bunch of other services for myself
Those weird shapes are done using a CSS clip path with polygons, see the corresponding part of my CSS here. In case the website looks weird to you, it could be because your browser sadly does not support that feature yet.
Also the rest of the changes to this website are done in public, you can find the source code here