First Post
10th Mar 2014
#offtopic #personal

So you got your blog.. now what?

I finally got my blog running, that's perfect! I hope it stays that way.
To start off, I'm gonna use this first post to write about my intentions with this website aka blog.
The obvious thing first:


I want to use this little web page to help possible employers to get a quick overview of me,
my interests and the projects I did so far.
In my opinion this works way better with a (more or less stunning) website than with any Word (yuck!) document.

Educational purposes

Believe it or not, there could be a whole lot of people who are interested in my projects and want some information about my experiences in the creation process, or there could at least be someone.. maybe.
Actually I'd be even okay with it, if I document these experiences just for myself to look back and rethink them (which likely will be the case).
Another plus would be that I can finally practice some English again and refurbish my rusty English skills.


Fun is also an important factor. I'm doing this, because I want to, not because I have to.
I really enjoy splashing into the world of webdesign and have learned a lot since setting up this site (I've only done some Joomla templates before).
I already look forward to keep improving it in the future by finetuning and adding new features.

Anyhow I hope to post some interesting content soon.
So stay tuned!