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Gentoo does not like elliptic curves

7th Feb 2017

I recently switched my hosting provider from HostSailor to Scaleway (using their VPS solution). Mostly because of the cheaper prices, as well as because they are Europe based (finally I can pay in Euros!) and the fact that they provide SSD servers instead of normal HDDs, which results in a performance boost. But I also made the switch because of the operating systems they provide, most notably: Arch Linux.

Letsencrypt encrypts the internet

18th Dec 2015

Letsencrypt has launched its public beta, and I (more than a year after my last blog post) have finally found something to talk about again.

Moving from Pico to Metalsmith

5th Dec 2014

Probably most (or all) of you people didn't even recognize the changes I've made in the last few months, but the website now switched to a different CMS under the hood.
In fact it isn't really using a CMS anymore, but a static site generator called Metalsmith.

Why Can Not Replace Yet

24th Apr 2014

Since I've started using Linux I'm constantly trying to switch to open source alternatives whenever it's possible. One of the services I really rely on, but haven't replaced with a matching open source counterpart is I totally love the features offers: most of all I enjoy the music tracking & statistics and I dig its recommendation system.

First Post

10th Mar 2014

I finally got my blog running, that's perfect! I hope it stays that way.
To start off, I'm gonna use this first post to write about my intentions with this website aka blog.
The obvious thing first: