About me

I'm a mobile developer from Salzburg, Austria, who studied Mobile Computing at the University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg.
I am a huge fan of free & open source software, non-mainstream movies, music, cooking and cycling.
Even though I was always quite interested in the field of informatics, it took me a while to decide to make it my profession and to enroll at one of the most reputable universities of Austria.
Before that I was heavily focusing on Western European languages in grammar school, which gave me some great insights into other cultures and ways of living.
The languages I've learned include English, French, Italian and Latin.


11.2018 - now

Mobile Dev @ LOOP New Media [Salzburg, Austria]

10.2017 - 10.2018

Software Dev & Technology Manager @ SPAR ICS [Salzburg, Austria]

02.2015 - 07.2015

Mobile Dev Intern @ LOOP New Media [New York City, USA]

06.2014 - 08.2014 & 07.2016 - 10.2016

Mobile Dev Intern @ LOOP New Media [Salzburg, Austria]


Master of Science in Engineering @ University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Hagenberg, Austria]

Bachelor of Science in Engineering @ University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria [Hagenberg, Austria]

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About the site

This website was built with love and a cherry-picked selection of open source tools.
The whole thing is generated by the unbelievably flexible Metalsmith, which allows me to keep it clean, simple and astonishing fast without using a database.
Responsiveness was done using the Foundation Framework, which was also responsible for the buttons.
The main font I'm using, is called Open Sans, which was commissioned by Google. The font I'm using for code snippets is called Hack.
PrismJS is used for syntax-highlighting and I used some icons from Font Awesome.
The beautiful, responsive lightbox is done using Blueimp Gallery.
The page was built on my Arch Linux PC using nginx and is now hosted by the same on a Gentoo server by Scaleway.
My changes to this website are done in public, you can find the source code here