SwiP - ProfileSwitcher


SwiP is an intelligent profile app for Android.
It's meant to be an open source alternative to well-known apps like LLama and Trigger(though in a much smaller scale at the moment), which still offers some unique features.


SwiP allows you to create, manage and apply profiles which can contain the following settings:


  • Ringer Mode
  • Ringtone- & Notification Volume
  • Media Volume
  • Alarm Volume


  • GPS
  • Mobile Data
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth


  • Automatic Brightness
  • Brightness
  • Display Time Out

There are also some features which are unfortunately only available for rooted phones like NFC, Airplane Mode and Lockscreen.


Furthermore the app offers trigger-management. A trigger basically defines a rule for the automatic application of selected profiles.
The user is able to create said triggers and to use them for his daily workflow.
A trigger can contain the following rules:

  • Location (Geofence)
  • Time (Exact time or time range)
  • Battery State
  • Battery Level (Exact level or level range)
  • Headphone State

These rules can be freely combined (e.g. at a certain location AND a certain time).
The app is currently in a beta stage (all important features are implemented and should basically work, but are not tested on a wide range of devices).


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The original repository was located here: https://bitbucket.org/fschrofner/swip