Here's an overview of my projects.
If you want to take a closer look at one of them just click on the according icon.

SwiP [Android]

This is an intelligent profile app for Android, which allows you to create, manage and apply profiles containing several user-defined settings. Furthermore you are able to define triggers which will then auto-apply your profiles.

ckbk [HTML5]

ckbk is a cross platform cookbook application written in HTML5 using the ionic framework. It allows you to add, edit or to delete custom recipes on your local device.

Notify [Android]

An application which handles the creation and synchronisation of timed, cross-device (but not cross-platform) reminders.

NFC Tag File Sharing [Android]

An app that allows you to send files over NFC-Tags in the most convenient manner. If the tag has enough space the file will be saved directly, otherwise it will be uploaded to your dropbox and the link will be written instead.